Halfway between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida lays an east coast gem.  Just off the mainland city of Brunswick are 4 beautiful barrier islands, St Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island and Little St Simons Island, the area has a long rich history going back more than 400 years.  The original settlers to the Islands were Spanish explorers looking for gold instead they beautiful islands with long warm days.  The natural beauty of the island was the inspiration for the name the Golden Isles.

Here is an overview of the Golden Isles

St Simons Island

The largest of the Golden Isles, the island was made famous by the poet Sidney Lanier.  It personifies Southern charm with moss drapes oaks lining the island streets.  The island has a rich history and you can see some of it first hand, visit the St Simons Lighthouse Museum, built in 1872.  There is the Bloody Marsh Battle Site, where British soldiers defended Georgia from the larger Spanish force coming from Florida in 1742.

If that isn’t enough for the history lover there is also Fort Frederica National Monument, the remnants of the old British colony.  There is  Christ Church, one of the oldest churches in Georgia, which has held service since 1736.  When you run out of historical sites to visit the island is filled with some quaint shops and delightful restaurants.

Sea Island

You can reach Sea Island by causeway from St Simons Island, the island is a rich man’s playground.  There are two of the world’s most exceptional resorts, Cloister on Sea Island and The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club.  Both are Five-Star and Five-Diamond resorts on the southern tip.  There are three championship golf courses, a yacht club and a shooting school.  You can tour the marshes via sailboat or kayak or try some horseback riding on the beach.  However you choose to pass the time you will enjoy the luxury experiences of Sea Island.

Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is the southern island and it is home to a wide variety of family friendly activities.  You can enjoy the island any time of the year but it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall.  The island used to belong to a group of families from 1886 to 1942, it was a who’s who of American wealth including names like Morgan and Rockefeller.  Take a tour of some of the mansions that were “cottages” for the wealthy.

Little St Simons Island

You can only reach Little St Simons Island from the north end of St Simons Island, it is a privately owned resort.  Known for privacy, there are six cottages at The Lodge on Little St Simons Island that can house up to 32 guests at a time.  The resort offers guests activities such as kayaking, fishing, bird watching and guided tours of the ancient maritime forests.  The island is a favorite spot for family reunions and private corporate retreats.

The Golden Islands are one of the prettiest places to visit in all of Georgia, feel the southern hospitality in this natural wonder.  There are acres of marshes, rivers and undeveloped land right along the ocean.  There is everything from high end luxury travel to family friendly resort.  Visit a piece of Southern history right here on the Golden Islands.

Photo Courtesy of: E. Gonzalez

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